Building Leaders and Empowering People
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If Training is about developing the skills to perform our daily job
responsibilities, then those of us that work as training
professionals need to know how to develop skills.

  • We need to know how to identify what skills are needed,
    and design programs that facilitate learning.

  • We need to be accountable to the organizations that
    employ us so that we are returning on the investments
    being made in the training function.

  • We need to take our craft seriously and realize that just
    because we are in the training profession, does not mean
    we are ever done learning our own skill sets.
Jim Hopkins
Chief Learning Officer
JK Hopkins Consulting is focused on the efforts that support the building and
maintaining of healthy training functions.  Our auditing process, called
The Training
Physical, evaluates the training function and develops solutions that makes the
training department a valued partner.

We partner with your employees to create purposeful learning solutions that build
your leaders from within and empower your employees to take the lead.  We strive
to avoid
Pointless Training by focusing on strategies that work within your