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Jim Hopkins
Chief Learning Officer
A message from Jim Hopkins -
President of JK Hopkins Consulting

Thank you for taking time out of your life to look to us
for help in improving the performance of your

When I founded JK Hopkins Consulting in early 2007 it
was to focus on the developmental needs of training
staff, by teaching them the skills to perform their roles
in the training development.  We have come a long
way since the early days, yet I am pleased that what
we began with is still part of our core today.

I have recently spent the last several years as the
co-founder and CEO of California Professional
Development, a HR and Training consulting firm that
not only brought the right people to our clients that
wanted to solve performance issues, but hundreds of
resources for easy implementation.  

Today, JK Hopkins Consulting is the result of some of
the best work we did at California Professioal
Development, and my desire to focus on developing
leaders, and empowering people.  It is the lack of
skilled managers and leaders that concerns me most
in so many companies today.  Not enough
preparation, and insufficient productivity are crushing
some of our best organizations.

So thank you again for stopping by, and I look forward
to working with you soon as we determine the best
ways to improve your problem performance areas!